CowKool International Inc.

The most basic installation option, with fans typically installed on support poles. Applications include stand alone feed lane cooling, stand alone free stall bed cooling, dry lot (dairy) center shade cooling.

The swingmount system is designed for cooling the cows in the feedlane, especially for dairies with no scraper, and there is the need to get in with a tractor.

Feedlane Elite
A unique system, designed for optimal feed lane cooling cools the cow from all angels, cover 3 times the surface of a static system- lowers the investment significantly.

A Dual purpose system>
Designed for cooling both the feed lane and the loafing/bed area.
The system doubles the surface area being cooled, and thus lowers the sum invested appropriately.

A duel purpose cooling system>
Designed to provide effective and efficient cooling for BOTH the feed lane and the free stall bed/loafing area with only one row of fans.