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CowKool Misting System

"The conventional cooling method used in the last decade make use of large amounts of water and energy and creates pollution problems due to the large amounts of water used. Lately, an alternative cooling system was developed combining wetting and cooling the cows along the feeding line by means of low-pressure misters installed in front of the fans."

The ck Misting system

How does the CowKool System cool cows?

The CowKool System cools cows by ‘direct cooling’ as opposed to ‘indirect cooling’. Direct cooling means that the system directly cools the cows with what is called ‘wetted forced-air evaporative cooling’(click for presentation)
as opposed to indirect cooling by trying to cool the environment around the cow (i.e.: air conditioning). Based on this concept t
he CowKool System uses low pressure cycled misting in combination with high velocity air flow to cool cows:


  • High-velocity air delivered by the CowKool fans break through and penetrate the cow’s heavy coat of fur ..
  • The user-defined misting cycle turns ON allowing small water droplets to be placed directly on the skin surface of the cow..
  • The misting cycle turns OFF allowing the fans to blow high velocity air over the skin surface of the cow evaporating the water thus reducing the body temperature of the cow.
  • This ON/OFF/ON/OFF misting cycle is repeated over and over.


The duration of the misting cycle is completely user-defined. For HOT and DRY areas where evaporative cooling is the most effective, the misting cycle can be programmed to be relatively long …Such as misting ON for 3 minutes … and OFF for 1 minute.


For HOT and HUMID areas where evaporative cooling is less effective, the misting cycle can be programmed to be relatively short allowing cooling to be accomplished more by moving very high-velocity air over the cows. Smaller, lower-flow misting nozzles can also be used.


Each CowKool fan has a check valve installed in the misting unit. When the system shuts OFF the water lines remain fully charged.‘This eliminates problems associated with dripping after the system is turned OFF.


The CowKool System is designed to provide the right flexibility to adjust the cooling to effectively cools cows in any climate condition without causing any secondary problems such as getting the ground, free stall beds and/or loafing area wet. The CowKool System is the most effective and safest cooling system for all types of dairy applications.

Low pressure misters, which are installed in front of the fans, creates a mist of 100 micron sized drops.

cooling this way has some distinguished advantages:
1.Less water used - lower water bill
2.Less energy used - due to greater efficiency of cooling
3.Less ground pollution - eliminates excessive ground water from accumulating
4.Cow's health improved minimizes summer-time mastitis, and foot problems.

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          The CowKool system prevents situations like that







 Does it work?

"Recent data presented last year showed that using the method of ‘forced air evaporation’ considerably improved  milk production and reproduction of dairy cows during the summer while  significantly reducing wetness and environmental pollution problems around the feed lane."  

"The results of this study show a clear advantage to the combined cooling of wetting and forced air ventilating along the feed lane and its potential to significantly reduce the negative influence of the summer heat stress on milk production of high yielding cows".

"Wetting at low pressure and force ventilation"(click to view) I.flemenbaum

ck cooling concept - wetted forced air evaporative cooling  ck cooling concept - wetted forced air evaporative cooling
ck Misting system advantages presentation  ck Misting system advantages presentation