CowKool International Inc.

CowKool Fan

A unique axial fan built with an external rotor that eliminates many problems common with conventional fans.


  • Built with high quality for long lasting life
  • Very high air velocity for maximum effectiveness
  • Very energy efficient for economical operation
  • Exceptionally quiet around cows
  • Backed by an exceptional 3-year factory warranty

CowKool fans work in the roughest conditions for many years, there are some that work for over then 30 years now (want to see?click here).

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The fan's unique structure is the source of all its advantages.

The fan motor is designed with an
external rotor and aluminum die cast blades that are cast directly on the rotor. This unique design provides for life-time trouble-free balance. Blades getting out of balance is one of the highest failure and replacement cause of conventional fans.

The fan cools itself while working. The CowKool fan blades also act as a heat sink, dissipating heat generated by the motor. This significantly extends the operating life of the fan motor.
These two characteristics also attribute to the low noise level of the fan as well as the  low energy consumption

Sealed bearings inside the motor prevents dust and moist from the entering and damaging the motor. This is another significant failure and replacement cause of conventional fans.

CowKool fan presentation (click here) 

         ck fan -vs.- conventional fans                external rotor

ck fans other fans
external rotor internal rotor
wings casted
directly on
the motor 
wings installed
at the end
of the Axis
over 30 years life expectancy 3 year life expectancy
ck fan presentation  ck fan presentation