CowKool International Inc.


The swingmount system is designed for cooling the cows in the feed lane, especially for dairies with no scraper, and there is the need to get in with a tractor.

How does it work?

When the CowKool system is off, the fans are positioned parallel to the feed lane, out of the way for feeding or other equipment.

When it is time for feeding, the CowKool system automatically turns on, using it's velocity force, the fan elevates itself 90 degrees- to focus cooling on the feed lane.



When feeding time is over, the CowKool system automatically turns off, swinging the fans back to their original position, using only the force of gravity.



Using the ck control system, you simply program your specific feeding times (and feed push up times) and how long you want to keep the cows at the feed lane. The system automatically turns on by user-defined time-of day and/or temperature setting. High velocity air delivered by the fans is combined with a user-fined misting cycle to cool your cows.